A$AP Rocky appeared in a recent episode of Angie Martinez's new show Untold Stories of Hip-Hop and opened up about being charged with attempted murder at 16 years old.

Setting the picture of his childhood in Harlem, Rocky explained that he started selling drugs at a young age, a profession that lead to an influx of cash and made him an easy target for an older bully.

"He tried to come at me in front of some ladies. And I was little. He was a little bit older than me," Rocky told Martinez. After that incident, Rocky says he went with his cousin to the man's house to confront him and to talk through their differences.

Rocky also said that he and his cousin were carrying guns, which they believed would be helpful if needed for self-defense, but had no intention of using them. When Rocky thought the man was reaching for his own gun however, "I just started letting off. I ain't want to hit him."

This incident lead to Rocky being charged with attempted murder. Thanks to his young age and the exact details of the incident, Rocky's charges were reduced, though he still spent a little time on New York's infamous Rikers Island jail before he was bailed out.

Watch a teaser of Rocky's appearance on Untold Stories of Hip-Hop below.

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