Like kale-based juice drinks or weekend breaks in the Hamptons, Gucci is one of the few things that rich celebrities can universally agree upon. Since Alessandro Michele took over the reigns as creative director in 2015, just about every A-lister of a fashion persuasion has been spotted in the Gooch at one point or another. But where some outfits can sometimes feel forced, haphazardly straying into quirk territory (*cough* Jared Leto *cough*), A$AP Rocky possesses an innate Michele-ian understanding, always carrying the garb off with just the right amount of sophisticated chic.

While Rocky has become something of a haute couture hobnobber, regularly spotted in the likes of Dior, Balenciaga, Calvin Klein and Raf Simons, arguably his best fashion moments can be attributed to Gucci. As Michele continues to bridge the gap between high fashion and streetwear in a way never seen before, Rocky has come to serve as a personal muse, successfully amalgamating the house's boldest looks with pieces from the likes of Supreme, Palace and Thrasher. "I feel remix fashion is the best way to express your personal style," the rapper told Vogue earlier this year.

There might be many contenders, but there is only one Gucci God — and his name is A$AP Rocky. Find his best moments below.

Silk shirts are back

Standing out in a Gucci fashion show front row is no easy feat. At least for most people. Here, Rocky steals the show all while looking comfortable enough to fall into bed straight afterward. Looking relaxed in a red silk button-down and GucciGhost logo joggers, the easy-breezy vibe is completed with some classic "Ace" sneakers.

Money talk and dogs bark

As touched on, it's easy to admire Alessandro Michele's work from afar, but having the balls to actually wear it is another thing entirely. When Michele dropped the 2017 women’s resort collection at Westminster Abbey, Flacko rocked up in a dog-applique bomber and some embroidered jeans. Almost insouciantly, he then finished the outfit off with a pair of adidas Stan Smith sneakers. Bold.

Lit in leather

On his birthday night, you better bet Rocky is going to turn the fuck up, and here he didn't disappoint, opting to complement a smart-casual jeans and T-shirt look with a $10,000 studded Gucci bomber jacket. It's almost enough to make you feel sorry for the Odd Future dude (left) who saw fit to underdress in a Stone Cold Steve Austin T-shirt.

PMF x 1000

For last year's Vanity Fair, Rocky sported this Asia-inspired getup. Looking completely at ease on some kind of a beach house chaise-lounge, it's safe to assume that only the fashion killa could pull off jawnz like these. Real men wear pink? Nah brah, real men wear pink kimonos.

Sk(i)r Sk(i)r

Ski goggles have become a street style staple in recent times, with Rocky's cohort A$AP Ferg a paid-up fan. (Look, he even wears them indoors.) At this year's Coachella festival, Flacko donned a $195 Gucci pair and carried them off with a vintage Boston Bruins tee. We wonder if A$AP TyY felt put out?

Suited and booted

It's not every day you see Rocky in his Sunday best, which is a shame because he effortlessly kills it. Built around a Gucci shawl print collar blazer, fur-lined leather slippers and a grosgrain ribbon tie lend the outfit a touch of subtle flair.

Fashion chiller

What's cooler here: Rocky, or the Starbucks Teavana Mango Black Lemonade in his right hand? Quite obviously it's the former. Pictured here enjoying a summer stroll, the rapper dispels the notion that only one kind of print item should be worn at any given time. With several buttons popped, the chain necklace is an example of how, when it comes terms of accessorizing, less is sometimes more.

Bright is best

It doesn't get any more Michele-era Gucci than the "Love Is Blind" tiger sweater, with Rocky deciding to layer up in the garm for the house's FW17 show in Milan earlier this year. While 2016 was all about monochromatic colors, as of now, bold and bright shades are most definitely in. Always ahead of the curve, Rocky thinks nothing of combining a mix of blue, yellow and orange for this attention-demanding vibe.

Godfather Flacko

Another week, another outfit that goes all in on unfuckwithable embroidered graphics. Pairing up some billowing terracotta pants with loafers and a purple coat, the A$AP Mob star gives off the vibe of a playful mafioso boss. Would you mess with this guy? Didn't think so.

Gucci roadman

When Rocky dresses down in a tracksuit, you can bet he's going to do so in ridiculous style. Gucci released this outrageous collection ahead of summer, with Rocky one of the first to be spotted in this unmissable orange/blue combo. Like the Stan Smiths before, he tones down an otherwise gaudy look with some Vans Old Skools — joints we know he loves.

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