Swedish menswear brand ASKET is taking part in this year's Fashion Revolution Week, a global initiative that calls for transparency and sustainability in the fashion industry, by ushering in what they are referring to as a new industry standard with Full Traceability. Here, we find ASKET disclosing every step of their manufacturing process, from the cotton seed to the final garment.

"For years now the #FashRev movement has been encouraging customers to ask for more information and brands and suppliers to provide it," says co-founder August Bard Bringéus. "Unfortunately, the real problem prevails - the information on where and how our garments are made isn’t readily available. We still need to ask for it.”

ASKET's newly implemented garment labeling standard in turn lets customers trace every article of clothing, thus replacing all "Made In" labels with information on who made the style and where.

“Technically garments are always ‘Made In’ one single country. Practically that’s never the full story. So we’re replacing the conventional ‘Made In' labels in our garments with an entirely new label, putting the full answer to the question #WhoMadeMyClothes right where it needs to be - in our garments,” Bringéus adds.

While the label transition is ongoing, the brand allows you to follow the progress of each individual garment on ASKET's website. For more on ASKET's new labeling standard, press play on the featured video.

In related news, Gucci and Versace rank among the least transparent brands for workers rights.

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