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There’s a lot going on at Disney at the moment. After revealing that eight new Marvel Phase Four movies are due to drop between now and 2022, the media giant has just announced that Avengers: Endgame will land on its new streaming platform before the end of this year.

The fourth and final Avengers movie, which garnered more than $2 billion in ticket sales in just 11 days, is set to land on Disney+ on December 11, Engaget reports. All going to plan, that release date is a month after the streaming service’s scheduled launch on November 12.

The $7-per-month platform will also feature other huge titles such as the majority of the Star Wars saga, every single Pixar movie, and the entire back catalog of The Simpsons. Disney also has plans to launch 10 new original films and 25 original TV series in the streaming service’s first year alone.

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