Avengers: Infinity War has already set the record for the biggest opening weekend of all time, raking in global sales of $640 million USD to overtake last spring’s The Fate of the Furious and its $542 million USD opening weekend, but as Forbes points out, creating the film was costly as well.

According to their report, documents reveal that Disney (owner of Marvel Entertainment) spent $321.2 million USD on shooting the movie last year, and it represented about five and a half percent of the total annual costs of its Studio Entertainment division ($5.9 billion USD).

While movie budgets are usually kept secret, the costs of movies filmed in Britain are consolidated in single companies that have to file publicly available financial statements, and Avengers: Infinity War was partly filmed in the UK due to the supply of skilled workers. Financial statements reveal that $2.9 million USD was spent on direct production staff in Britain, while it does not include freelancers and self-employed workers, who make up the vast majority of personnel on a movie.

Furthermore, other notable costs were equipment hire, travel, and visual effects companies like Framestore, which is also based in the UK.

For the full story, head on over to Forbes.

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