Balenciaga has premiered a digital short film as part of its Fall '21 campaign. Unlike the Afterworld: The Age of Tomorrow game, we have no control over the narrative. Instead, we follow our CGI protagonist as he walks past a woman in a queue before encountering her within the augmented reality of Afterworld.

Having put on an AR headset, the protagonist navigates a series of dystopian and occasionally idyllic environments, featuring a cast of characters wearing pieces from the fall collection. His romantic interest reappears again and again before he's taken out of the game. Later, he is reunited with the woman, and they both glitching through identities, inhabiting 37 looks from the fall campaign.

According to Showtime Studio, the campaign was directed and produced by video game developer Quantic Dream and created by using motion capture to create animated versions of real-life people. Watch it below.

Balenciaga continues its pivot from a luxury fashion house to a reputable media brand. More than making couture, it's about making people talk. As we noted with the premiere of Afterworld, Balenciaga is no longer competing with just Louis Vuitton or Dior anymore, it's playing in a different ballpark altogether with the likes of Travis Scott and Netflix.

Gvasalia’s aesthetic has transformed Balenciaga from one of several stars in fashion’s high firmament into a universe of its own. Once again, they've tapped into the most valuable element of luxury: that fashion is an escape.

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