First it was his rat clock street piece at 101 West 14th Street, then it was his protest mural for Zehra Doğanon on the historic Houston Bowery Wall that confirmed Banksy was indeed back in NYC.

Now, the elusive artist has taken to Instagram to claim a stencil piece that popped up last week in an empty lot on Coney Island Avenue. Boasting a Kara Walker-esque style, the work features a contractor/broker-like businessman stock-lashing kids, women and elderly off a piece of land.

In today's social climate, Banksy is able to speak volumes through his work. While he's always had a message behind each and everyone one of his illegal and/or legal forms of expression, his three most recent pieces to pop up in New York City have a distinct feel to them – they're all Trump-esque in a way.

We'll have to wait and see if Banksy leaves his mark anywhere else on the city, but we're keeping our fingers crossed for now. Stay tuned.

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  • Source:Juxtapoz
  • Main / Featured Image:Banksy

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