Banksy has revealed some of the tricks of the street art trade in a new Instagram post filmed across seaside towns in Eastern England.

A Great British Spraycation is a brief video showing Banksy touring in a motorhome and spray-painting murals in a hoodie behind a colorful screen. Not only is it a stylized view of the street artist on the move, but it's also his way of confirming that the 10 new artworks are genuine Banksy works to the glee of his international contingent.

This ensures that the still-anonymous creative is properly credited for his output, given that he almost never signs his work. He also stays out of view in A Great British Spraycation, though a hooded figure is seen walking away from some of the works in the video.

Four murals have been discovered in Lowestoft thus far, including a boy making a sandcastle in Regent Road, a seagull swooping on a skip in Denmark Road, and a group of children in a boat (appropriately captioned "we are all in the same boat") in Nicholas Everitt Park. The fourth piece, on North Beach, depicts a rat drinking a cocktail, tying in with the vacation vibes of Banksy's latest escapade. More are yet to be located — and inevitably tagged over or auctioned off.

Then, there's the exception that proves the rule: Banksy took the unusual step of signing one of his tiny works at Merrivale Model Village in Great Yarmouth. Since it was discovered, the artwork was to be “secured off-site” due to over-enthusiastic crowds, though it's now back on display.

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