BAPE is about to turn the NFT marketplace on its head.

Last week, BAPE and its sister brand AAPE announced a release of five limited edition NFTs in conjunction with CROSS STUDIO. Today, five BAPE NFT designs become available for purchase on Mintable.

BAPE's debut NFT release includes three classic BAPE ABC camo patterns, as well as two designs dubbed AAPE x Lilkool Artwork 1 and AAPE x Eric Inkala Artwork 1. The AAPE artwork will be offered in 5,000 units, making it the most available of all the NFTs. Meanwhile, blue and pink BAPE ABC camo patterns are given a more limited run of 250 units. With the most exclusive design being BAPE’s classic ABC camo print in green, which will be available in only 150 units.

This is unchartered territory for BAPE, who up until now has mainly dealt in IRL physical releases. Which is why the brand sought out Tirith Capital to advise on the digital launch. While every possible type of brand or personality is entering the NFT game, for BAPE this felt like an especially logical next step.

“BAPE® camo pattern is the soul of the brand, and among the past 28 years, BAPE® has already created over 200 iconic camo patterns,” Tirith Capital's founder, Jimmie Jeremejev said in a press release. “Since its unique designs drive the brand experience, it only makes sense to take advantage of NFTs as a way to keep the ecosystem cutting edge. And, considering that BAPE® has collaborated with partners such as Marvel, SpongeBob, and Nintendo, the potential for future digital art NFT collaborations is enormous.”

BAPE has always thrived off hype, whether it's out-of-the-box collaborations or now milking the NFT craze. The brand's cult following paired with extreme exclusivity has made its products extremely coveted within the streetwear market. Adding limited NFTs to its rare product catalog is a sure-fire way to generate demand.

From how BAPE is positioning itself for its NFT debut, it looks like the NFT market isn’t just one BAPE wants to enter, but one it expects to dominate.

If you're willing to dish out to own a piece of NFT-streetwear history, head over to Mintable now.

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