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Whether you favor two wheels over four, or you’re just going the extra mile to keep your white kicks out of harm’s way this season, we’ve got the situation handled. Veering down the cycle lane has never looked so good, which is why we’ve curated all the best gear you can buy to give your ride some flex appeal.

Below you’ll find the best of bicycles, accessories, apparel and other cycling gear that’s ringing our bell right now. In the selection, you’ll find a mix of the best cycling brands, such as British heritage specialists BROOKS England and Japanese minimalist bike manufacturer tokyobike, as well as pedal-specific Supreme drops on the resell market.

Check out our full selection below and lock them down by clicking on the links.


What you’re turning up to school or work in isn’t immune from fashion trends, and with hi-vis colors like “volt” at the top of the agenda right now, Vilano’s striking green color pops on a super lightweight aluminum frame are sure to turn the heads of passing traffic. If you’re looking to invest in a more premium ride, however, look no further than minimalist brand tokyobike, whose eight-speed city bike is primed for nimble movement through busy urban streets.

For those who really want to make a luxe statement, however, our grail comes from Detroit-founded Shinola — best known for its classic watches and leather goods. The beautifully designed Runwell frame is based on French Porteur bicycles, first used by Parisian newspaper couriers.

Road Bike Shimano



Classic Sports Bike



The Runwell Bike




Supreme‘s recent magnetic bike light drop can now be copped at StockX, for some steezy accessorizing, just be sure to pack them away when you lock up. Meanwhile, Palomar‘s minimalist Nello magnetic bell gets a ringing endorsement from us, easily fastening to your handlebar and sounding at the touch of its head.

Lucetta Magnetic Bike Lights



Magnetic Bell



Apparel & Accessories

We were super glad to see POC stocked at MR PORTER. The Swedish label makes super high-quality skiing and cycling attire and is best known for its protective armor and helmets — our favorite of which comes in bright orange.

Cycling Jacket



Cycling Cap



Cycling Helmet



Cycling Helmet



Cycling Jersey