Taking your travel from economy to business isn’t all about your ticket purchase. What you’re wheeling through departures will do a lot of the hard-work in elevating your on-the-go aesthetic, so leveling up from a barely-holding-it-together case and investing in some high-end luggage should be a priority before your next big trip.

From random TSA checks to the not-so-gentle handling of some airport staff, suitcases go through a lot. While an affordable travel companion will (more often than not) get you from A to B, a more solid spend in this department won’t only relinquish the need for regular replacements, it’ll make you the envy of everyone at the check-in queue.

Boasting more quality materials and stylish designs, here we’ve rounded up some of the nicest travel bags, along with a choice few vintage options for the ultimate airport steez. With more and more luxury brands offering luggage, our selection sorts the best of the baggage carousel from those bound to be lost-in-transit.

Ready for an instant upgrade? View all our picks of designer luggage below.

M5 Soho House Edition Cabbin Luggage

Horizn Studios



ADER Error


Cabin Suitcase



Heritage Leather Weekend Bag

Polo Ralph Lauren


Signature-Striped Cabin Suitcase

Paul Smith


Weekend Bag



Canvas Stencil Plura Bag



'See Through' Carry-On Suitcase

RIMOWA x Off-White


Bank Spinner 68 Suitcase

Fabbrica Pelletterie Milano


Spinner 76 Suitcase

Fabbrica Pelletterie Milano