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For every great product you find on the internet, there is a spate of manmade abominations following close behind. The world wide web is a pandora’s box of conflicting tastes, with its many facets serving more to send you to the world wide west, rather than putting you on the trail of the world wide best. This is where we come in.

Aiming to bring HD clarity to your browsing habits, and cut through the noise of said product misses, Highsnobiety’s dedicated team of product curators is here to run the rule over some of the internet’s best new menswear releases, delivered to you in weekly tact. This week we turn our attention to some standout collabs, courtesy of Ben & Jerry’s x Nike, Stüssy x Dior, and Levi’s x GOLF WANG.

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1. BODE Hankerchief Shirt

One-Of-A-Kind Handkerchief Patchwork Shirt



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Yulia: I know we use the term “investment pieces” often here, but BODE makes truly original garments that are selling for high prices mainly because of the incredible level of craftsmanship and use of fabric. You won’t see a logo on a BODE shirt, and you don’t need to because the brand’s design is instantly recognizable!

Rhianna: This piece really is a one of a kind in every sense. Bode always produces beautiful pieces and the multicolor stitching and embroidered detailing on this piece makes it so intricate and intriguing.

2. Stüssy x Dior Sneaker

B23 High-Top Sneakers

B23 High-Top Sneakers


Dior x Stüssy

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Rhianna: The much sought-after Stüssy x Dior collab, of course, sold out within seconds. The bee embroidery detail on this pair really glamorizes the silhouette and signifies both luxury and rebellion.

Yulia: Yeah, no introduction is needed to this pair, really.

3. Levi’s x GOLF WANG Jacket

Vintage Fit Trucker

Vintage Fit Trucker


GOLF x Levi's

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Yulia: I always wonder who can pull off Tyler’s style except for him

Rhianna: Staying on-brand, Tyler, the Creator, unveils his latest collab, this time in the form of Levi’s x GOLF WANG 501 range. Playful and fun.

4. Nike Dunk Low “Brazil”

Dunk Low Brazil

Dunk Low Brazil

from $100


(Available at 3 Merchants)
(Available at 3 Merchants)

Yulia: I do hope we will get to see more Dunks brought back from the ’00s.

Rhianna: Vibrant color blocking on a timeless silhouette is something which always brings excitement and intrigue. Nike’s Dunk Low Brazil features varsity coloring as an ode to the most emblematic colors of the country. For sure a great piece to add to your collection.

5. Ben & Jerry’s x Nike Dunk

Ben & Jerry's x Nike Dunk Low

Ben & Jerry's x Nike Dunk Low


Ben & Jerry's x Nike

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Rhianna: It’s crazy what branding can do, I really had to go out and buy a pot of Ben & Jerrys when I saw this sneaker. The eccentric, mouth-watering design isn’t for the faint-hearted and can only be worn with pure confidence. Be prepared to have mad sugar cravings pretty much all day when you’re wearing these.

Yulia: This colorway reminds me of the “Walk the Dog” and “Waffle” Dunks. This pair will defo make it to the year-end lists. Since this week’s release is pretty limited, I hope some people will have more luck with a wider release.

6. Human Made Hand Towels

Hand Towel Set

Hand Towel Set


Human Made



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Rhianna: Who wouldn’t want a pack of disposable wet wipe hand towels from Human Made. Stay safe, guys.

Yulia: A 2020 desk essential.

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