Headphones tend to spend a lot of time on your head, so it’s worth getting a pair that actually looks good. That’s right, headphones should be styled just like the rest of your fit. Depending on your aesthetic, a pair of over-ear headphones can look just right or completely out of place. Headbangers is a shoot by Highsnobiety which proves the accessory status of headphones by pairing of the best headphones around right now with some of the season’s best pieces.

With the cold setting in, and the prospect of more time spent locked indoors, over-ear headphones are a no-brainer. Not only do they keep your ears warmer, but the soundscape created by over-ear headphones is incomparable to that of in-ear phones; the all-encompassing audio of our selections, from Bang & Olufsen to Beats by Dre, promises escapism to the highest degree.

Shop seven of the best over-ear headphones below.

Sennheiser MOMENTUM 2 Wireless

MOMENTUM 2 Wireless

MOMENTUM 2 Wireless



Buy at Sennheiser

Sennheiser is one of the leading names in audio tech and for good reason. This minimal pair boasts premium audio and high-quality materials for a pared-back, no-frills result. An Our Legacy vest combines with a black C.P. Company vest to mirror the minimal headphones.

Bang & Olufsen Beoplay H9 3rd Gen

Beoplay H9 3rd Gen

Beoplay H9 3rd Gen


Bang & Olufsen

Buy at Bang & Olufsen

Bang & Olufsen sits at the luxury end of home audio, combining sophisticated Scandinavian design sensibilities with a long history of audio expertise. A well-tailored, classic Prada blazer provides the perfect foundation for the storied Danish headphone brand.

Beats by Dre Solo³ Wireless

Solo³ Wireless

Solo³ Wireless


Beats by Dre

Buy at Beats by Dre

Part of the Beats Club Collection, Beats by Dre Solo³ Wireless headphones feature bold, contrasting colors and, best of all, they're wireless which makes your life a whole lot easier. Find them styled with Gentle Monster shades, an oversized Paul Smith Jacket, Fendi pullover, and Our Legacy tee for a color-blocked, vintage aesthetic.

KEF Porsche Design SPACE ONE Headphones

Porsche Design SPACE ONE Headphones

Porsche Design SPACE ONE Headphones



Buy at amazon

Porsche Design deals with the visuals while KEF puts 56 years of audio expertise into the technicals. You'll catch the KEF Porsche Design SPACE One Headphones styled with a Fendi shirt, Perverze vest, and Prada glasses for a clouty-commuter look.

Grado PS500e





Buy at Grado Labs

Hand-built in Brooklyn, Grado is the headphone choice of the purist. From second-to-none audio to plush leather detailing, the Gradio PS500e is a beautiful piece of design. Styling with a MiuMiu coat, Perverze vest, and Gentle Monster Glasses exudes a distinctive '90s edge.

Audeze LCD-GX





Buy at Audeze

At its core, Audeze LCD-GX is a pair of gaming headphones, but they'll probably blow your music phones out the water, too. With drivers twice the size of any other gaming headphones, you can comfortably use this pair for high-level audio editing as well. This chunky pair has been styled with a Y/Project tee, G-Star vest, C.P. Company shorts, Fendi pants, and a Y/Project belt for a grungey finish.

Luzli ROLLER MK01G GOLD Edition Headphones

ROLLER MK01G GOLD Edition Headphone

ROLLER MK01G GOLD Edition Headphone



Buy at Luzli

Weighing in at a staggering $9600, Luzli's ROLLER MK01G GOLD Edition Headphones are straight-up luxury. Crafted from solid sterling silver before being polished and plated with gold, they'll definitely catch eyes — GmbH's eyeball-covered sheer tee illustrates.

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