Vantablack is recognized as the darkest substance known to man. After recently being acquired by artist Anish Kapoor, who bought the exclusive rights to use the color, it appears developers Surrey Nanoystems have now come up with an even darker version.

First off, take a look at the original Vantablack and see that it is indeed darker than ordinary matte black paint (located on the right) and even NASA-grade black (located in the middle), courtesy of the video underneath. Vantablack is positioned on the left.

Now, however, Surrey Nanosystems’ new and improved Vantablock blocks 99.965% of light. After watching the clip below, you’ll see that the laser beam does not appear at all on the substance.

On the surface, Vantablack consists of carbon nanotubes all standing perpendicular. Light then bounces around between the tubes and in turn does not reflect back upward.

Currently, Surrey Nanosystems are reportedly working on a new spray paint version of Vantablack that will absorb 99.8% of light.

Not NYC, not LA.