Amidst news that his native country is banning ‘hip-hop culture’ from being depicted in mainstream media, the world has never needed an artist like Bohan Phoenix more. The rising Chinese-American rapper has quickly made a name for himself with his awe-inducing flow – one that switches with lightning speed between English and Mandarin, sometimes in the same verse.

Now, Bohan is gearing up for the release of OVERSEAS, a project that encapsulates his effortless ability to enmesh numerous genres into his singular sound. See for yourself in the just-released title track, which boasts production work from Ryan Hemsworth. Listen below.

Rapping the first verse in Mandarin and the second in English, Bohan addresses the huge cultural gap currently dividing his love of hip-hop and his heritage. “My skin tone it shine like the golden sun/I learn how to punch in the very East/But in the West they hold bigger guns/Strap on my boots and I learn to run,” he raps.

Look out for OVERSEAS to drop on March 5.

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  • Cover Image: Bohan Phoenix
Senior Features Editor