“Let’s suppose that you were able every night to dream any dream that you wanted to dream,” proffered Alan Watts many decades ago. It was in this twisted sentence, itself part of a larger rumination on life and the multiverse, that the philosopher tapped into the human need for meaning; a need that will regretfully not be answered within these words.

Rather, this philosophically dense quote is important because of an entirely new invention by the audio equipment makers at Bose that would undoubtedly be filtered into Watts’ wardrobe were he alive today. Take a moment to imagine the goateed guru flexing his ‘fit at a 2019-era philosophy conference. Now snap back to reality.

Bose Lookbook bose frames
Highsnobiety / Ahmed Chrediy

Far removed from that mental image, Bose Frames have become the new key to unlocking any dream we want to dream. Not through the power of sleep, but through whatever song is pulsing through the nylon frames and metal hinges of the audio sunglasses. Built into the temples of the rounded Rondo and angular Alto silhouettes, Bose’s smart speakers turned out an immersive, invisible audio experience capable of playing your favorite tracks or taking calls like a true boss — all while everyone else hears the sound of silence.

With the words of Alan Watts in our ears, we dreamt up the new reality. One of winding walks through the streets with a forest full of sound in our ears and no headphones in sight. Peep the film and dare to dream any dream you want to dream under the shade of the Bose Frames. The key to unlocking an entirely new way to see and hear the world is as smooth as sliding them on and pressing play.