It's probably the biggest quest of any fashion snob's life: finding the perfect plain tee. And Bottega Veneta just hit the jackpot.

You know the struggle. A plain tee, no prints or obvious branding, thick fabric, outstanding quality, the kind of item you can pair with pretty much anything. Well, Bottega Veneta's tees tick all the boxes and set a new standard for basics.

Okay, it's a plain tee so what? Like with any good tee, the devil is in the details. Bottega's T-shirt is made of thick 100 percent cotton with drop shoulders, sleeves hitting that sweet spot right on the bicep, and it's completed with a simple tasteful crewneck.

However, the best part of the tee is what you don't see. Branding. Bottega proves it's the king of subtle luxury with what at first glance looks like a logo-less t-shirt. You'll have to squint to spot the cursive "Bottega" embroidered on the back tone-on-tone. It's a casualness that is deeply ingrained in the brand philosophy. And for consumers, it does away with the annoying obvious branding that often accosts basic tees.

The tee is offered in a range of colors from white, black, and beige to the louder "Seagrass" and "Tomato" tones – giving you staples for any outfit.

As this is the most luxurious plain tee you can get, it's got a fittingly luxurious price. A tee will set you back $550, but if you can stomach the price, congrats, your search for the perfect plain tee finally over.

Head over to Bottega Veneta to cop now.

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