It’s no secret that most rappers want to be ball players and most ball players want to be rappers. And while Bow Wow may have portrayed a young hooper in Like Mike, he’s definitely not the caliber of athlete as an actual NBA basketball player.

Nonetheless, the rapper/actor/TV host recently challenged LA Lakers rookie Lonzo Ball to a shooting contest. Lonzo has been clowned for his stroke for some time now, but still, a professional baller should have no problem besting the likes of Bow Wow. Unfortunately for Ball, however, Bow Wow beat him, shoeless no less, as the entertainer then proceeded to run around the gym and let it be well known what happened.

Tough one for Lonzo, but hey, he still has his rapping to fall back on if this whole NBA thing doesn’t work out, right?

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  • Main / Featured Image: Bow Wow / Kevin C. Cox / Getty Images
  • Main / Featured Image: Lonzo Ball / Kevin C. Cox / Getty Images

Not NYC, not LA.