Brain Dead constantly spins psychedelic wonder into granola-y clothing and quirky kicks alike, filtering an impressively frequent stream of future classics through its contemporary, backwards-looking lens to affect all manner of lifestyle essentials. Late last month, it introduced a striking collectible in partnership with artist Kerbi Urbanowski, whose inimitable stained glass artworks shaped a series of clocks in the form of Brain Dead's head logo, free from any of those pesky, distracting time-telling details.

Urbanowski turned out 100 of these usefully useless wall features, emphasizing gorgeous hand-cut and stained forms over any notion of readability. Function? Tired. Stained glass faceplates? Wired. Of course, adroit home dwellers and guests can suss out the general time by gauging where the minute and hour hands are on the clock face, or looking outside. Heck, they could even check their phones but where's the fun in that?

Utility aside, Urbanowski's clocks are true works of art, each entirely unique and made one at a time in her San Francisco workshop with a few helpers. The brilliant surfaces are splashed with distinctive stained hues and unique paneling that ensure no two clocks are exactly alike. Quartz battery-operated hands make the rear easy to disguise and hoist upon the wall, elevating the streetwear homeware item beyond the usual Supreme ashtray or vinyl doll.

Already sold out on Brain Dead's website, a small selection of Urbanowski's custom clocks is currently available on Dover Street Market London's website and come carefully packaged in a co-branded box and wrapping paper.

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