Brooks Koepka's Off-White™ Air Max 90 cleats had golf pundits scratching their heads over the weekend.

Commentators remarked, "He's got that zip tie on his left foot again," while Golf Digest wrote "What was up with Brooks Koepka's shoes at the Tour Championship?" and pondered "What's the odd-shaped item attached to Brooks Koepka's Nike shoes?"

Well according to Koepka, "It's fashion, bro."

This is how the 29-year-old professional golfer described his Off-White™ cleats to a reporter when asked about his choice of footwear at the Tour Championship. After seemingly calling the reporter a "golf nerd," Koepka went on to say "I don't know how to explain it. It's Off-White. It's fashion. I guarantee the whole golf world has no clue what Off-White is, but it's fresh. If you're a sneaker head, you'll get it -- or into fashion. Sneaker heads know, yeah."

Well just in case you are a golf journalist or searching for a primer on Virgil Abloh’s fashion imprint Off-White™ and the brand's collaboration with Nike, look no further than our in-depth explainer covering the history of the partnership, plus how to best get your hands on a pair.

Check out clips from the press conference, and further impressions from social media below.

Check below for the complete breakdown of the collaboration.

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