Socks are fun 75-percent of the time, but when the heavy summer heat hits, nothing feels better than slipping your bare feet into a pair of light, breathable shoes. Sure, by the end of the day shoes with no socks get rather clammy, but there’s talcum powder and/or Febreeze for that. With out further ado, here are 10 shoes that you can wriggle those toes freely in after the solstice.

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Rivieras – Lord Zelco Mesh-Woven Espadrilles

Not sure there could be a more appropriate name for a shoe like this than “Lord Zelco.” Not sure who or what a zelco is, but it reminds of zydeco, which, in turn, reminds us of partying in serious humidity—all of which would go down merrily in this colorful weave.

n.d.c. – Moccassins

Thee crepe-soled baddies are handmade with lots of style and attention to detail. They are simple, come looking broken-in and will likely feel like damn sow’s ears on your feet. Be good to them.

Generic Surplus – Borstal

The Borstal is an utterly classic-looking summer shoe. That they are available in super breezy mesh is just icing, though it is the type of icing that tastes even better than the cake. Dig?

SWIMS – Penny Loafer

Sort of the anti-Croc, these rubber and mesh loafers from SWIMS are perfect for getting free and weird in this summer. Weird how? They are waterproof, so you could put them on and run screaming through the shallow end of a hotel pool, for starters.

Quoddy – Boat Moccasin

Boat shoes practically require that you to set your socks aside. They are also a dime-a-dozen, these days, so why not pick up some that are handmade by men in Maine whose pinkie skin is tougher than the callouses on your heels. The distinctive Vibram sole seals it for us.

John Varvatos for Converse – Sprint Grip

Most summers, we spend enough time sockless in Jack Purcell sneaks that we ought to take up badminton, but this summer, these Sprint Grip Cons bought our eye. We are smitten with the lace-hole fake out (you can wear ’em laceless and sockless) and Varvatos’ artisan revamps certainly do not suck.

Supra – Belay

Supra is always pushing boundaries in the realm of skate shoes, but the Belay falls squarely in the life-style camp. A boating shoe with some gravel in its gut, some spit in its eye and a 40oz of Colt 45 in its paw. Good to know that you could bomb a hill in these, should it come to that.

Gram – 380g Black Cut-Out Sandal

Maybe not technically a shoe, but it does have the chassis of one. This think-piece from Swedish company Gram will definitely get you noticed—and will stink less than a traditional oxford that housed a bare foot for three months.

Nike – Flyknit Racer

Nothing revelatory about running shoes in this category, but we thought the Nike Flyknit deserved a quick nod. Designed to feel more like socks than shoes to the athletes wearing them, we are guessing they will feel good walking through the park as well.

Tretorn – Mesh Krona

This pair comes from our private collection and, as you can see, the shoes have taken quite a beating. Kronas are easy enough to find, but, so far as we can tell, the mesh dogs are not currently in production. We spot them on eBay from time to time and would snap them up again in our size in a heartbeat. Super comfy and low profile, they never fail to garner compliments. Plus, four years on, they still don’t smell like shit.

Managing Director N.A.

Jeff Carvalho is Managing Director for Highsnobiety N.A. in New York City. He holds a journalism degree from Northeastern University.