No, this is not a conspiracy theory dreamed up by Seth Rogen. A new study by researchers in Alberta, Canada claims that Cannabis could help fight Covid-19.

The study was published on Preprints, an online platform dedicated to making academic research papers available for free. Mind you, the  study hasn’t been peer-reviewed, but the findings are fascinating nevertheless. According to the research, the beloved plant "can help curtail disease spread and reduce mortality" of the novel Coronavirus.

Researchers at the University of Lethbridge and University of Calgary studied over 400 Health Canada-approved THC- and CBD-dominant strains, and found that 13 of them—particularly sativas high in CBD—can down-regulate the protein receptor ACE2, which is targeted by the virus in the mouth and lungs. The study suggests some strains were able to reduce virus receptor activity by as much as 73 percent.

To put it simply, because certain strains of Cannabis interact with the same receptors in the body as Covid-19, consuming them may reduce your risk of infection. But before you self-medicate, keep in mind though that the study hasn't actually been reviewed and tested by scientists.

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