Cardi B is back with another coronavirus rant. This time, however, the rapper actually dropped some knowledge about the pandemic and called out celebrity privilege and the government's inaction.

The "Press" rapper shared a video to her Instagram yesterday, addressing her fans in a surgical mask. Cardi preached about celebrities, president Trump and the current administration, whose flood of mixed messages on Covid-19 completely overlooks the dire reality for millions of Americans.

Cardi chastised celebrities who have the privilege to get tested despite not showing symptoms. "If a celebrity is saying, 'Hey, listen I don’t have no symptoms, I’m feeling good, I feel healthy, I don’t feel like nothing, but I went and got tested and I’m positive for the coronavirus.' That cause confusion."

She continued, "And let me tell you something, the general public, people that work regular jobs, people that get regular paycheques, the middle class, the poor… they not getting treated like the high, the ones up here, celebrities and everything [...] Not everyone has the luxury to go to a fucking bedroom and to a big ass house and just stay away from people."

The rapper also criticized the U.S. government for how it's handling the crisis, saying the government should pay all health care costs for Americans dealing with the coronavirus. "I feel like the government should take that shit ... and not charge people for it, because at the end of the day this shit could've been prevented when they found out about this shit a couple of months ago."

Watch Cardi's full video below.

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