Continuing our endless efforts to serve you with more original content, we present to you the latest chapter of 36 Frames, our outlet for highlighting the charming imperfections of analog photography. For our latest entry we recruited American photographer Cary Fagan, who adds some context to his photo set below.

"The first thing I blurted out to the Trollsen Twins (both Savannah and Sydney) with my good friend Nicole alongside sitting backseat with me was 'If the deep web had an HQ.' With a little fear, located in Montreal - there lied the Fattal Lofts. A building with no type of welcoming presence, I was told that this place had all kinds of weird activity happening within, scared yet curious my Contax hugged my belt loop with no fear. Going into this I had no expectations, this particular shoot wasn't designated to a specific platform - I kind of just wanted to experience something new. The Trollsen Twins are an odd duo, but odd in a good way. They provided an extensive thrift-only wardrobe that could last a human being months. 15 rolls later I chose this roll of Portra 400 to represent the farfetched experience I had in the deep web's HQ."

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