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This week in the world of style, celebrities traded in their jawnz for spooktacular costumes, Palace went stratospheric with its long-awaited Juventus collaboration, and Kanye West tapped Cactus Plant Flea Market for a fresh Jesus Is King merch drop.

Closer to home, we ran the rule over fashion’s most influential dark designers and took a closer look at Marc Jacobs’ phenomenal tiger-print Celine coat.

Halloween may have dominated this week’s pop culture conversation, but there were still plenty of big hitters out there looking sharp in their daily attire. Here were some of our favorites from the past seven days.

Jeff Goldblum

People! This. Is. #Menswear. Actor-cum-Prada-cosplay enthusiast Jeff Goldblum was in frosty London this week, braving the plummeting temperatures in not one, but two, jackets.

“Two jackets?! Is he insane!” we hear you cry out loud. But as a long in the tooth sartorialist, Goldblum knows the value of a well-fitting mac, draping it over his leather jacket (note the perfectly exposed tie) as if he were a particularly formidable 1950s mobster. Bonus points are awarded for the zebra-print Saint Laurent creepers.

Steve Lacy

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When it comes to style, Steve Lacy is on his own wave. He’ll tuck a $14 Carhartt pocket tee into flame printed vinyl GmBH pants, or rock silver Tabi boots with a hot pink Balenciaga turtleneck. The musician doesn’t see rules, only an opportunity for expression.

For proof, check out the photo above, where he’s stood next to unmade Ralph Lauren Polo Bear bedsheets wearing monogram Gucci tights and a kaleidoscopic coat by Stella McCartney. If Jeremy Scott directed a Robin Hood movie under the influence of psychedelics (let’s hope that never, ever happens), we’re betting the protagonist’s costume would look something akin to this.

Bloody Osiris

Is this a fit or a Halloween mummy costume? Hmm. For most people we’d be inclined to file it under the latter, but in Osiris’ case — the guy who wears Rick Owens pants that are the size of a circus tent — we’ll take his word that it’s an avant-garde masterclass in everyday layering.

If you want to create the look, he’s wearing archival bondage jeans from Helmut Lang FW04.

LeBron James

A cynic (i.e. me) might say that the NBA “fashion runway” is a cursed place where good style goes to die. Yet for every bricked Off-White™ fit, we’re delighted there are some players who understand that you don’t need to be wearing, like, 400 different luxury brands on your body at any given time.

There’s not too much going on with the King’s look here — it’s just an example that sometimes a well-fitting pair of pants and the right choice of sneakers is all you need to look good.