Last night, Chaka Kan made a guest appearance on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen. When the topic of Kanye West sampling "Through the Fire" came up in conversation, the music icon unloaded all of her pent up feelings about it. The track originally appeared on West's 2004 debut album, College Dropout.

"He called me when he just got out of the hospital. He said, 'You were so instrumental in my healing process. I changed the words a little bit to the song, but I had to eat through a wire. Jaws wired shut through a straw,'" she said. "It meant that much to me. It really got my heart, tugged at my string. I was like, 'Yeah, use it.' Then when it came out, I was pissed... It was a little insulting. Not insulting, I thought it was stupid! If I'd known he was gonna do that, I would have said, 'Hell no.'"

Earlier this year, Chaka Khan dropped her 12th studio album Hello Happiness. She also recently launched a wig line with Indique Hair. Watch Chaka Khan go off about West in the video above.

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