chance rapper big day jimmy fallon Chance the Rapper The Big Day

Earlier this year, we got the news that Chance the Rapper would be dropping an album sometime this summer. Ever since then we’ve tried to gather all the information we can about the upcoming  project, but Chance has been unnervingly coy. Until now, that is. Chance sat down with Jimmy Fallon and revealed that The Big Day — that’s the title of his long-awaited debut studio album — is scheduled to arrive next week, July 26.

In the interview, Chance revealed why the album was such a big deal for him. “I haven’t sold my projects before. All my mixtapes were free,” he explained. The rapper told the NBC studio audience that he’d struck a deal with Fallon: he would share information on the album if Jimmy would preorder it at ChanceRaps.com. Fallon obliged on-stage, prompting Chance to announce the album title, artwork and release date. Watch the reveal above.

Words by Sarah Osei
Staff Writer