christian dada fw18 paris fashion week runway

Christian Dada, the brainchild of Japanese designer Masanori Morikawa, takes the Dadaist mantra of nihility (i.e. nothing means anything) and puts it on the runway. That means the brand's collections are, on the outside, pretty hard to read, and FW18 was no different — Morikawa cited a David Lynch quote about spirals as the starting point for the season.

Christian Dada FW18 included a Kappa collab — the brand's iconography ran down the side of shirting and appeared on tees — shout-outs to guitar effects manufacturer BOSS and Morikawa's own version of the beyond-hyped merch tee trend. Esoteric quotes, lavish embroidery and raw hems added runway polish to a collection that was Dada in name, and Dada in nature.

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