Greenpoint, Brooklyn just became a whole lot more vibrant. Renowned New York-based artist CJ Hendry, who's widely known for her larger-than-life pen drawings, cult social media following, and dipping $10,000 Nike Air MAGs in black paint, opens her highly-anticipated fifth solo exhibition, "MONOCHROME," this spring.

The hyperrealistic artist first delved into color last year in collaboration with Christian Louboutin at Art Basel Hong Kong, and she's now further exploring the emotion of color in a bold new way.

"Color is exciting and sad and frustrating and confusing. Color is all around us, it’s everywhere," Hendry explain in a press release. "Color is not a physical thing, it’s a thing that describes something else. By drawing crumpled colored cards I have given color a physicality and form.”

The "MONOCHROME" exhibit was created in a 22,000-square-foot industrial space that contrasts beautifully with the art space. Hendry designed a seven-room home with seven distinct colors, each room consisting of only one monochromatic hue.

You'll start off exploring a blue living room that leads into a red dining room, which splits off into a green kitchen. Then, the exhibit leads you into a yellow bedroom themed for men. As a chair built with daisies sit in the corner, a clothing rack with yellow painted jeans and tees with "monochrome" logos hang above a collection of classic Nike footwear (Air Maxes, Jordans, and Air Force 1).

You'll later come across an all-purple bathroom and a pink bedroom themed for women. A plush chair, pink heels, and dildos are featured throughout, but the main focal point of the room is its playful stuff animal-filled bed.

“I am new to color, not too sure if I understand it yet. Before, when I drew in black ink all the focus was on the object because all the emotion of color was removed. Now I stare at my drawings and feel...just different I can’t explain it”.

"MONOCHROME" will open its doors to the public on Thursday, April 5 through Sunday, April 8 from 10 a.m.-5 p.m. at 276 Greenpoint Ave. in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. A video of the exhibit will also be available here on April 5.

  • Photography:Thomas Welch /

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