Being ‘rickrolled’ on the internet was once a frustrating rite of passage for YouTube users hoping to watch their favorite videos. After a while, Rick Astley’s 1987 classic “Never Gonna Give You Up” became a guilty pleasure of sorts and represented some of the best and worst of the ’80s.

To celebrate Hardwood Classic Nights in Cleveland last night, the Cavaliers bucked the tradition of their introductory hype videos for a lip-sync video of Rick Astley’s “Never Gonna Give You Up” ’80s ballad. LeBron James, Kevin Love, Birdman, Kyrie Irving and co swapped the hardwood classics for jheri curls and shoulder pads to bring us this.

It sees the team comically dress up in ’80s garb, proving that the reigning champions can poke fun at themselves while aiming for a repeat of last summer.

Watch the hilarious video above.

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Words by Jesse Bernard