Forget rap beefs, fashion loves a scrap, too. Known for calling out brands for ripping off other people's work, Diet Prada has fired shots at Dolce & Gabbana by accusing the Italian brand of copying one of its T-shirts.

The beef started when the Instagram troublemakers suggested the fashion house had copied designs by Gucci. Fashion’s unofficial watchdog posted a photo of a Gucci display, showing its collaboration with artist Trevor "Trouble" Andrew (aka GucciGhost) alongside a display of D&G's. Stefano Gabbana responded by demanding an apology, calling Diet Prada "idiots," and starting the hashtag #PleaseSaySorryToMe.

Diet Prada later created a white tee printed with Gabbana's hashtag. Now, it would seem Dolce & Gabbana has fired fresh shots by producing its own version of the hashtag tee, albeit slightly more expensive at £295 (approximately $375).

Check out Diet Prada's comparison of the tees below.

Dolce & Gabbana is yet to respond, but we're sure this beef is far from over.

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