Munich-based industrial designer Christian Zanzotti has just unveiled the "Digimoto," a futuristic and insanely beautiful motorbike made using virtual reality software.

Zanzotti's design work has ranged far and wide, from whiskey bottles and time-trackers to tables and chairs, but now he's tried his hand at a motorcycle. His passion for two-wheeled vehicles throughout his late childhood, and an interest in the virtual reality work being carried out by companies like Google, Apple and Tesla were the driving forces behind the project.

Using VR-prototyping and state-of-the-art production methods, Zanzotti, together with project partners GRAYDEV and Wunderlich, believe they have now succeeded in assembling a bike which fuses both driver and machine into one fully functioning unit. Sensors and cameras on the bike record all information relevant to the rider (like speed, gear and directions) and display them directly onto the visor of the rider’s helmet. You are the bike, the bike is you.

It was built from a brand new BMW R1200R, which was then completely dismantled and stripped back to its iconic boxer engine and skeleton. Then, precise 3D scans were taken to create new and individual components like the aluminum tank and headlight cooling devices. The result is a stunning, shiny bike that looks like it's just screeched to a halt after a high-speed sprint from the year 2050.

See how the bike was made in the clip below.

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