dominic fike main Kenny Beats
Getty Images / Kay-Paris Fernandes

Rising Florida rapper Dominic Fike dropped a new track, “Phone Numbers”, his third single of 2019. This time he linked up with producer Kenny Beats for the laid-back, wavey song.

Fike has stayed on our radar all 2019, premiering “Acai Bowl” and “Rollerblades” just last month. With “Phone Numbers,” the rapper stays true to the idyllic, smooth sound we’ve come to know him for. Fike exercises his pop sensibilities, laying a catchy chorus over the soothing Kenny Beats beat —”Why you switch phone numbers like clothes? / Why can’t you answer me?” In his sing-song flow, he illustrates phone calls from old acquaintances who are only reaching out because of his success.

The song offers us a glimpse into his upcoming debut album and the overwhelming fame that is sure to come with it. Listen to “Phone Numbers” below.