It's a bizarre triangle we didn't think we'd ever be caught in the middle of, but alas, Drake, Lil Baby, and Bennifer (yes, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck) are up to something. No, really.

You see, yesterday, Lil Baby showed off a watch he had been gifted by none other than Drake. The custom Chrome Hearts x Rolex piece is special from an obvious collaborative standpoint, yet, it really caught our attention for an entirely different reason: the Cuban link band.

Isn't that the Bennifer watch?

If you're still puzzled, let's get you up to speed. Last month, we were swept up in a watch mystery involving one of pop culture's most important couples – Bennifer. It all started when Ben Affleck was spotted wearing a familiar timepiece after he rekindled his romance with ex-boo J.Lo. The watch in question had made several appearances on the actor's wrist during their relationship’s first take, decades ago.

The watch is distinctly recognizable because of its build. The delicate small-faced watch that sits on a chunky Cuban link bracelet turned out to be a rare Franck Muller Cintrée Curvex on a Chrome Hearts bracelet. Slightly different from Baby's Rolex, but the vibe is the same.

After we solved the Bennifer watch mystery, we thought that was the end of Cuban link timepieces. But now it seems Drake wants to revive that nostalgic watch trend. The rapper (and low-key Chrome Hearts ambassador?) surely must have gone into the archives to retrieve this unique gift for his frequent collaborator.

Adding another layer of absurdity to this Drake x Baby x Bennifer story, Drake reportedly dated Jennifer Lopez in late 2016. The rumored couple posted several photos and videos together. Following the end of the short-lived romance, Drake released “Teenage Fever,” which many fans believed to be about the relationship and his infatuation with Jenny from the Block. “Teenage Fever,” of course, sampled J-Lo’s “If you Had My Love.”

While we're not sure what to make of all of this, in this business we know one thing's for certain: style coincidences quickly become trends.

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