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Sorry, but whether you like it or not Valentine’s Day is almost here. Regardless if your heart is bursting or breaking leading up to the gushy lovefest, Dwen has offered a gift that everyone can enjoy. Today, we’re premiering the trio’s new single “Tr Pp n” and it’s a mouthful of savory electro-R&B goodness. In an email to Highsnobiety, the group explained how the lyrics are “our take on something universally and numerously explored through the lovelorn sentiment of 90s R&B.”

Dwen adds, “Genre is redundant these days, its more about just trying to make something, anything, and seeing how if anything it makes people feel.”

The East London-based group’s name is borrowed from the term “douen,” a mythological creature from Trinidad and Tobago folklore believed to be the lost souls of unbaptized children, so their haunting tunes have a mystical quality to them as the spiraling beats pound into your ears and transport your mind elsewhere. Stream the full single right here.

Words by Sydney Gore
Features Editor

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