Who can resist the high that comes from copping a fire 'fit at steal prices? Or hunting down a rare find that's a serious flex? How about a discontinued item that's a collector's dream? We can't – after all, it's the world Highsnobiety operates in. And one of our favorite go-tos for scratching this itch is eBay.

Established in 1995, it's one of e-commerce's biggest success stories for both buyers and sellers alike. Everything – and anything – you want is at your fingertips, most of which at bargain prices. And if you think this doesn't include luxury goods or dope streetwear, think again. Just ask some of our staffers, who are regularly (daily, even) visiting eBay.

Here, we rounded up what we're eyeing and offer some pro tips on navigating the very exciting and addictive world of eBay.

Jeff Carvalho, Managing Director


"I literally use eBay daily for vintage shopping and for finding deals on high-end brands. But I also use it for record shopping and for HiFi equipment – this is maybe the sweet spot for finding deals. A key feature for filling my impulse shopping are Buy It Now and “Make Offer” features, the latter allows for negotiating on the fly for my favorite items. With winter coming, it is scarf time, and this Alexander McQueen piece is a strong one. Happy to have found it at a deal."

Seller: The Luxury Club

Brandon Nunn, Creative Strategist


"I like to use eBay to dig for vintage streetwear for brands like Supreme, Nike, Fuct, and Pervert, which barely exists anymore. I also use it to find obscure branded knickknacks like a Hennessey ashtray, L.L. Bean teddy bear wearing a fanny pack, and an Abercrombie & Fitch hunting rifle (yes, they existed). But on this search I found these Air Forces that I missed out on. I love the snake skin detail, which gives it that luxe detail."

Seller: Stadium Goods

Meagan Keeler, Talent Relations Manager


"One can never have enough black ankle boots, and the square toe is everywhere right now. Not to mention the price is well below retail – one of the many reasons I love eBay. Instant cop for me!"

Seller: Luxury Garage Sale

George Ocampo, Creative Strategist


"eBay is a favorite because there's always a chance of running into some forgotten gems that someone is trying to clear out of their closets. Before 2019, Nike SB was still floating under the radar so I was able to stock up on some personal grails for steal prices. Now a lot of those Dunks resell for way more since all the celebs started putting them on (Piet Mondrians go for $1,000!?). These days I find myself stalking older Jumpman colorways that often get overlooked, like this PE originally worn by Carmelo Anthony in 2014 and LS colorways that stray a little outside of the OG realm. I use this approach outside of sneakers too; if you know what you're looking for, eBay has the variety for scooping any gear that can help you stand outside of the trend instead of just feeding into it."

Seller: Sole Original

Melinda Chen, Creative Intern


"I love eBay because you never know what you find for a lower price. I usually start with searching for something I need and end up getting a bunch of rare finds that I love. Every Hermes is so unique and different, it’s like a one-of-a-kind artwork that you can wear. You can display it at home, wrap it around bag handles, or wear it as a scarf. Its so versatile. I love this one particularly because I love the symmetry and balance, as well as the intricate details. The pop of gold would look really nice with a black outfit during the winter months."

Seller: Linda’s Stuff

Wenona Carlos, Project Manager


"My dad is an absolute certified 'eBay Dad,' and throughout my entire adolescence he would get eBay packages delivered almost every week – mostly vintage T-shirts for his collection. He’s ingrained the same eBay affinity in me and I love hopping on there to find my own tees, in addition to everything from film cameras to rare cacti to favorite designer pieces. Dries Van Noten is a favorite and I had such a hard time finding this coat at a fair price until I tracked it down on eBay!”

Seller: Linda’s Stuff

Andie Obeid, Sr. Account Manager


"eBay is my go-to for obscure, unique, or vintage items. Some of my best pieces are from eBay wins, which range from a vintage Ski Onesie to leather pants to this amazing Chanel bag. I love how the silver hardware makes it a timeless piece, but the color still makes it eye catching and playful."

Seller: Luxury Garage Sale

Matthew Riccio, Account Executive


"This pen is made of 'hand-polished resin palladium' and would not appear out of place on the desk of a 1920's oil magnate. Pairs well with: mahogany, in-home office libraries, and firm handshakes between business partners. Buying this pen is like giving yourself a promotion – a steal at $200, if you think about it."

Seller: The Luxury Club

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