Elon Musk has come up with a new and interesting business venture for his infrastructure venture, The Boring Company. In what could very possibly be an early April Fools' joke, Musk announced the company will sell "lifesize LEGO-like interlocking bricks" made from rocks.

Taking to Twitter, Musk revealed that new LEGO bricks, taken from carved underground tunnels, will allow customers to "create sculptures and buildings" – which, if we're honest, sounds like actual LEGO. He also revealed that the first themed kit will features pieces based on Ancient Egypt.

Whether it's an April Fools' joke or Musk's ingenious way of shifting construction material, it certainly won't be the first time The Boring Company has tried to sell interesting merchandise.

In December last year, the company sold $20 baseball caps with The Boring Company branding and more recently, sold around $5 million worth of flamethrowers, which will start shipping in May.

If previous merch is anything to go by, Musk's outlandish ideas for The Boring Company will continue to get wilder in the months to come. What do you think of the new venture? Is there room in the market for life-size LEGO bricks?

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