In a recent Twitter post, Tesla founder Elon Musk claimed he wants to introduce an old-fashioned drive-in movie theater to the company's current Supercharger stations, complete with a retro restaurant.

At the moment, the Tesla Supercharger network is responsible for charging the company's all-electric vehicles. Charging of a Tesla motor can take anywhere between 15 minutes to an hour, so the introduction of a retro drive-in theater and restaurant is likely to go down well, especially in Los Angeles, which is notorious for slow traffic.

Until recently, the company has been attempting to expand upon its Supercharger stations, teasing the concepts of special areas for food trucks. While many fans of Tesla have supported the idea, the new revelation comes at a time where critics and financial analysts have called into question whether the company can survive its current production problems regarding the upcoming Model 3.

Despite looming doubts, Musk seems ready to expand Tesla's motor ventures. Fans on Twitter were quick to endorse his latest idea, and even added some of their own.

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