Amsterdam's ETQ forays into the world of retail with a stunning new flagship space in the brand's hometown.

In the past, mention of Amsterdam's streetwear scene would conjure up only one name - Patta. Now several new names are dominating the city's streetwear landscape, as new Dutch footwear exports have created a notable inflection in the sneaker world.

ETQ has brought a thoughtful product to the footwear market, and now strengths have built on strengths to bring an impressive ETQ flagship space to Amsterdam. The immersive boutique opens up with a main atrium showcasing accessories and reading material, channelling downward into the basement space - a concrete cavern of curated apparel - while the back wall of the space is reserved for ETQ's full footwear range.

We spoke with one of the brand's original founders Robin Engelen about their ambitions for the space.

Talk about the space's architectural themes.

The store was designed by Jos van Dijk of studiojosvandijk. It clocks in at 320-square-meters, and it took about 2-3 months to finish. Studiojosvandijk - which previously developed retail concepts for brands such as Nike, Scotch & Soda and Precinct 5 - is responsible for the project’s concept, design and execution. As you walk into the store, it’s clear that minimalism, timelessness and aesthetics take centre stage. This style seamlessly integrates with the ETQ identity.

As a brand, ETQ is built around a philosophy which is entirely dedicated to essentialism. Everything from the creation of the label to the design of each product is inspired by three principles: simplicity, timelessness and quality.

The flagship store is an extension/expansion of the ETQ philosophies, inspired by minimalistic design, timeless quality and monochrome styles. Up until now the world knows ETQ as a footwear brand, but we are more than that, to us ETQ is a philosophy that we strive to expand beyond solely footwear. This flagship store is the start of a new introduction.

How did you pick the brands in the store?

Each brand and product in the store are ones that we personally admire and feel passionate about. Offerings vary from Opening Ceremony to Umbro Pro Training, Maison Kitsuné to Études Studio. They might not seem to have much in common at first glance, but to us they are inspiring brands that focus on being timeless through innovative designs and impeccable qualities. With those characteristic features they fit perfectly with ETQ, and together with these brands we extend the ETQ philosophy beyond just footwear, to the etq store.

What makes the store special?

The etq store is an entirely new chapter to ETQ the brand. Ever since 2010, we've gained admiration and support, telling our stories through ETQ footwear. It is very exciting to shift the focus from ETQ being a footwear brand to being a multi-brand flagship store as well. Now we have a brand new platform, while staying true to the same philosophy, so we're able to express our identity in a different setting and perspective together with amazing brands. It's a new opportunity to show our followers and new friends what ETQ has to offer. Footwear was just the first chapter, with the etq store as the second chapter, and more chapters will follow.

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