This week, Polo Ralph Lauren celebrated its latest collection titled, 7 Days, 7 Decks with skateboarder, actor, and model, Evan Mock.

Taking over Polo Ralph Lauren’s Prince street shop in Soho, Mock hosted an evening that blended the cool and the classics. Throughout the night, guests vibed to NYC-based DJ, Odalys, and got an exclusive look at the limited-edition skateboard collection featuring the iconic Polo Bear.

Ahead of the event, we caught up with Mock while he was getting ready to talk about skating, Hawaii and of course, the Polo Bear.

RL Polo 2
Polo Ralph Lauren
RL Polo 6
Polo Ralph Lauren

How long have you been skating and how did you pick up the sport?

I’ve been skating since I was 11, so a few years now. I fell into skating pretty naturally because when I lived in Hawaii I would surf in the morning and when the waves weren’t good, I would exert my energy through skateboarding.

In which ways have you seen skateboarding evolve throughout the years?

I’ve seen it grow exponentially, it’s become a worldwide sport. It was before my time as well, but I’ve seen young prodigy kids get better and better. The sport has become a lot more accessible around the world. There are so many little kids that are insanely good. I know I’ll never be as good as them, but it’s nice to see that they put in the same hard work and dedication that I did. Skating is not easy so you have to put in the work.

What’s the significance of such a historic brand like Polo Ralph Lauren creating skateboard decks?

I think skateboarding is forever and Polo Ralph Lauren is forever as well, so they share that trait. Forever classic and forever fun.

RL Polo 4
Polo Ralph Lauren
RL Polo 5
Polo Ralph Lauren

If you have one, what’s your earliest memory of the Ralph Lauren Polo Bear?

When I was younger, I remember seeing a bucket hat with the Polo Bear on it and I really wanted it, but my first Polo Shirt was an all-black classic Polo with an orange Pony. I had it for years and it reminded me of Halloween. It got so many compliments so I started wearing it all the time. That is probably my earliest memory of The Polo Bear.

How do you personally relate to this drop?

I can apply the concept of 7 Days, 7 Decks to my own life because I go through boards probably once a day. Sometimes I get lazy and don’t want to switch my boards out so maybe every other day, but who doesn’t want a brand new board everyday if you have the ability to do that? Having a new board makes me feel like I can skate the best.

What’s the best part of the Holiday season?

Giving. I live in NY, but my family is in Hawaii so it’s really all about spending time with them over the holidays. Usually I’d be back by now, but it’s getting harder to go back and stay for longer. I haven’t missed a Christmas yet, so I’m trying to keep that record for the holidays. The best part is just having family time and enjoying the gift of giving.

Which deck would you take home today?

The trait that Polo and skateboarding share is being a timeless classic, so I like the white board with the Bear that’s wearing the American flag sweater.

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