Facebook has confirmed that it is actively working on augmented reality glasses, The Verge reports. Reality Labs, the social network’s augmented and virtual reality division, made the announcement at yesterday’s Oculus Connect developer conference where it also revealed another project dubbed "Live Maps."

LiveMaps is a 3D mapping system that aims to recreate the planet in AR. It hopes to produce “multi-layer representations of the world” based on crowd-sourced data, traditional maps, and footage captured via smartphones and AR glasses. This information would be used to build a shared virtual map that mirrors the physical world and allows users to interact with their environment in real-time.

Additionally, Facebook hopes to have user's notifications projected in thin air along with object identification and holographic avatar projections that can hang out with people IRL. To get a better idea of how that will work, check out the video below.

Facebook's AR products and LiveMap will likely take a few years to develop and release. There is no confirmed date as of yet.

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