Continuing our search of the web's most affordable goods, we present a selection of five brimmed hats under $45 each.

Our Affordable Alternatives series aims to bring our readers reasonably-priced versions of normally high-priced fashion items, saving you money in your ongoing pursuit of steez. This week we're on to brimmed hats - normally the reserve of well-heeled menswear aficionados, but now frequently mixed into streetwear looks too - which can cost exorbitant amounts thanks to their luxurious felted wool constructions, but are equally available at wallet-friendly prices if you know where to look.

Check out the pieces below and head over to our Affordable Alternatives series for more reasonably-priced high fashion pieces – including classically-styled watchesgenuine leather jacketselongated teesall-black sneakers and selvedge denim, amongst others.

ASOS Extra Wide Brimmed Hat - $41.69

ASOS's extra wide brimmed hat has a certain versatility that most others do not – this highly designed looking fedora could compliment a wide array of outfits. The size of the falling brim also ensures that no head (or ear) size is excluded. Get one straight from the source.

Kangol Bermuda Casual Bucket Hat - $42 For an insane range of colors that should suit even the most jaunty personality look no further than the Kangol Bermuda Casual hat. From red to lemon drop, there's something here to satisfy the inner LL Cool J in everyone. Get copping here.

River Island Fedora Hat - $38

This stylish burgundy fedora comes with a sleek black band that contrasts well with the hat's woolen construction. When it comes to channeling your inner goodfella, River Island is the perfect choice. Get yours here.

Urban Outfitters Felt Wide Brimmed Bowler - $44

This felt wide-brim bowler hat brings the choice headwear of outlaws everywhere into the 21st Century. For a look that emanates danger and fashion consciousness, search no further. Buy it here.

Brixton Banks Reversible Bucket Hat - $40

This round-top six-panel reversible bucket hat serves as either a throwback to more refined times with cotton herringbone on one side, or as a minimalist's delight with brown cotton on the other. Either way, Brixton provides bang for your buck. Cop it here.

For more well priced versions of high-fashion pieces, check out the rest of our Affordable Alternatives series.

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