Milan-based Garage Italia Customs has taken a vintage Fiat 500 and upgraded it for the present day, re-engineering it with a contemporary electric drivetrain in place of a combustion engine.

The refurbished four-seater is part of Garage Italia's concept-to-product Icon-e project, which electrifies classic cars. From the exterior, the Fiat Nuova 500 remains largely as it was during its 1957-1975 production period, however a few telling details indicate that this is not your typical Fiat.

A few of the cutesier details include the five-inch dashboard display which shows a custom graphic interface, the metal Fiat badge on the front that opens to reveal the charging port, and of course the the gear lever with two symbols on the top presumably to indicate the car's two gears: a tortoise and a hare.

This Fiat 500 is the first project in the Icon-e project. To learn more about Garage Italia and their special projects, head to the brand's website.

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