Richard Clarkson Studio and Crealev have partnered in continuation of 2014′s Smart Cloud project, now presenting Making Weather. The collaboration is still ongoing, but the first Floating Cloud prototype has recently been unveiled.

The product is a mid-sized cloud that floats above a reflective oval base. Thanks to various magnetic components, the cloud can in turn levitate on its own just off of the base. The base itself features a rechargeable lithium ion battery that powers the cloud, as you must then keep the base plugged in. While hovering, the floating cloud fully rotates and bobs up and down, providing with a somewhat legitimate atmospheric experience.

Not only does the cloud float on its own, however. It also doubles as a Bluetooth speaker and a light source with sound reactive LED lights.

Again, this is merely the first prototype from Richard Clarkson Studio and Crealev, but you can get a feel for the Floating Cloud via the images above and the visual underneath.

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