We met Alexander Jones at the Supreme x Thrasher drop in NYC back in June. Amid the line of streetwear devotees outside of Supreme, we noticed something about Alexander's fit -- it was topped off with a United States Postal Service snapback. It can be easy to fall into the monotony that a uniform is meant to establish, but not for Alexander. Spending his Thursday lunch breaks from his USPS gig at Supreme, this postman is always accessorizing his official uniform with a streetwear T-shirt under his postal vest and his favorite Nikes on. It seems only fitting that all morning, we heard friends and passerby's referring to Alexander as the “Flyest USPS Man in New York.” Fashion has always been a big part of Alexander’s life, he recalls. Growing up in Harlem, he learned about the legendary creatives from Harlem who inspired a lot of what we see in modern music, art, and fashion. In that regard, Alexander says, he feels proud to represent Harlem as a fashion figure and hopes to bring some attention back to the creative community that is still thriving there today. We caught up with Alexander to chat more about how he incorporates streetwear into his uniform, his love for all the creatives coming out of Harlem, and the best parts about his job (because I think we all wish our mail was delivered by someone in Supreme).


Where are you from? I'm from Harlem, NY.

We met at the Supreme x Thrasher drop, and your friends called you "the flyest postman in NYC." Do you get this a lot? I do get this from time to time. I have been told this by complete strangers, customers and people that know me. I appreciate that acknowledgement since I love fashion.

How long have you been at USPS? I have been with the United States Postal Service for four years.

Let's talk about dress code. How strict are they on work uniform? You are supposed to wear a postal top paired with postal bottoms and some postal-regulated, all-black footwear, but how they choose to enforce that dress code depends on management.


Describe a typical fit you wear to work. A typical work outfit for me would be a postal snapback, a streetwear T-shirt with a postal vest, postal pants and a good pair of kicks.

Have you ever gotten in trouble for mixing in streetwear with your uniform? I've never been written up for incorporating streetwear into uniform, only warned.

What's the best part about your job? I love interacting with people from all walks of life. I also appreciate the variety of food options that my area has to offer. Last but not least, being able to swing by Supreme on Thursdays during my lunch break has been very convenient.

Do you resell or do you wear all of your pick ups? I wear all of my pick ups. That's why I don't just buy everything. I buy what I like.

What originally drew you into fashion? I remember looking at old photo albums a few years back. At that point I understood that my parents always made sure that I was dapper. So, respectfully, fashion has always been a big part of who I am.


What's your favorite brand or designer? The one brand that I've been into from an early age is Nike. I was an athletic kid and all of my favorite athletes were sponsored by Nike. From Michael Jordan to Andre Agassi to Bo Jackson. I've always associated their greatness with their footwear since they made their greatest accomplishments in them.

Any closing thoughts? The combination of being a Harlem bred New Yorker and a postman has its advantages. I am able to have access and interactions with everyday people, artists, designers, fashion & music. Although I shop and go to events around music, art and fashion in Manhattan and Brooklyn, a lot of street fashion and influences that are thriving right now were originated uptown in Harlem. That's what I represent. Even though Harlem has gained recent praise, the respect and recognition isn't where it should be. I would love to see some prominent music, art and retail spaces in Harlem. Shout out to some of the Harlem visionaries that I personally know: Ish (Woody), Jay West, Brick (by way of Atl), Marl, So, Yams (RIP), HNV, A$AP, Bari (VLONE) and Teyana Taylor!

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