"Forever - The New Tattoo" Book - A Look Inside

Gestalten is set to release a new book covering the modern day and mainstream appeal of tattooing. Forever: The New Tattoo is a showcase of key tattoo innovators with a ranging span of styles, including Peter Aurisch, Mark Cross, Rafel Delalande, Lionel Fahy, Happypets, Sue Jeiven, Jondix, Xed LeHead, Lea Nahon, Liam Sparkes, Tomas Tomas, Fuzi UVTPK, Tom Yak, and Yvonne Ziegler.

Our dear friend Nick Schonberger pens a long list of profiles in Forever: Alex Binnie, Yann Black, Scott Campbell, Curly, El Monga, Fergadelic, Mike Giant, Thomas Hooper, Jon John, Alix Lambert, Guy Le Tatooer, and Duke Riley, are just some of Schonberger's subjects.

Fans and the curious alike will appreciate Forever: The New Tattoo. Coming this September 25, 2012. Available from Amazon.

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