This week in Friday feuds an N.W.A. OG  says, “f*ck the Oscars,” Queen Barbz clashes with a teen mom, the Hair Weave Killa gets dissed from behind bars, and more…

Travis Scott vs. Ian Connor

Travis Scott’s eclectic fashion choices seem to be putting him on the wrong side of the A$AP Mob. Last week, in a series of now-deleted Instagram posts, A$AP Nast accused Scott of biting his swag.

This week it was stylist Ian Connor who had an ax to grind, for the very same reason…

Travis Scott responded by blocking Connor…

This is another one we’ll be keeping an eye on.

Ice Cube vs. The Oscars

When it comes to award season someone always feels snubbed. This year is no different. The Oscars have already earned a reputation for being notoriously un-melanated (see last year’s #OscarsSoWhite hashtag).

This year the committee caught flack, yet again, for the lack of diversity in the nominee pool. Many felt Straight Outta Compton in particular deserved a nod for Best Picture, although it did earn a nomination for Best Original Screenplay.

When asked by Wendy Williams, Ice Cube said he wasn’t mad, although he did manage to throw some slight shade…

““I’m not pissed. I’m not surprised. It’s the Oscars – they do what they do.””

Ice Cube

For more reactions search the #OscarsSoWhite2 hashtag on Twitter.

Blac Youngsta vs. Wells Fargo

The saga of Yo Gotti-signed artist Blac Youngsta (born Sam Benson) has been playing out across social media all week. Though his story has been disputed and convoluted, what we do know is that it all started when the rapper visited a Wells Fargo in Atlanta to withdraw a large sum of money. Police officers were promptly alerted to suspicious activity and Mr. Benson was briefly detained.

Following the incident Wells Fargo released a statement confirming that fraudulent activity had indeed taken place at the branch, but the rapper was not involved. Wells Fargo also claimed Blac Youngsta did not actually hold an account with them, and said that the description of the real suspect they provided police, was accurate.

““Mr. Benson is not an account holder with us,” the statement from Wells Fargo Southest Communication Manger Crystal Drake says. “He did not enter our store nor did he make any withdrawals. A fraudulent incident did occur in the store so in the best interest of our customer, we reported it to law enforcement right away and as a result, a suspect was apprehended and the customer was not the victim of fraud. Mr. Benson was not a party to the fraudulent incident. We’re confident that our description of the suspect was appropriate. It is documented in the police report. We encourage you to review it.””

Wells Fargo Statement

Atlanta police, on the other hand, claimed Wells Fargo’s description was “limited and misleading,” causing confusion.

For his part, Blac Youngsta, who posted proof that he did indeed hold a Wells Fargo account, has taken his money elsewhere…

Nicki Minaj vs. Farrah Abraham (Teen Mom)

It’s a well-documented fact that Nicki Minaj loves her reality television and she’s not above tweeting her opinion when she’s watching it. This week she let the world know that she thought teen mom Farrah Abraham behaved like a c**t towards her mother.

Nicki also took some jabs at Abraham about her past porn foray as “Backdoor Teen Mom.”

Abraham did not take the tweets well…

But then Nicki was like, “Farrah, what’s good?”

After which Farrah called in back up in the form of her child…

Hopefully there will be no round 2 to this beef.

C-Murder vs. 2 Chainz

Rapper C-Murder is currently serving a life sentence for, well, murder. Recently he’s been spending his time behind bars making music – specifically a diss track leveled at 2 Chainz, whom he says ripped off the “TRU” movement.

““I made this TRU shit, 2 Chainz / Fuck you, nigga / Pussy-ass nigga,””


2 Chainz hasn’t taken the diss too personally. In fact he even took to Instagram to laugh it off and later told TMZ he would not be responding but has since deleted it…

C-Murder promptly clapped back via Twitter…

We’ll just have to see where this one goes.

T.I. vs. His Jeweler

Everyone’s favorite “Trap Muzik” maker, T.I., may be finding himself on the wrong end of a lawsuit in the near future. Atlanta-based jewelry company Aydin & Co. claim the rapper owes them $700,000.

In 2014, TIP allegedly purchased an 18.5-karat white gold bracelet, ring, and yellow gold rosary that he only put down $20,000 for, leaving an additional $44,000 unaccounted.

For his part, T.I. is saying the claims are ridiculous.

Words by Stephanie Smith-Strickland