From the Ground Up, our in depth sneaker show, is back with another episode diving into all things footwear. Last week, we explored the influence of athletes on sneaker culture, but this week, we’re delving into the hype of for sneaker buying and how it changes the way brands interact with customers, how it changes the way customers interact with products, and how we examine our own behavior.

In this episode, host Pete Forestor interviews a dog with more clout than all of us and the CEO of Stadium Goods John McPheters to define hype and how it effects the retail market. We also sit down with sneaker collectors Alyx Effron and Mike to dive deeper into why they cop.

Hype is a component of every customer’s buying experience. To hash out the value of hype, we had a roundtable discussion with shoe God’s Bryan Alcazar, Steven Pinkerton, Chase Ceperano, and returning guest Noah Neiman.

For the full discussion on sneaker hype, press play above.

Also, watch our previous episode of ‘From the Ground Up’ as we explore the influence of athletes on sneaker culture.


Words by Kyle Hodge
Staff Writer

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