Brand: Casio G-SHOCK

Buy: G-SHOCK starting at $200 beginning August 21.

Editor's Notes: G-SHOCK's watches have a broad appeal, given that most of its sturdy and sharp-looking shapes are pretty affordably priced. Unlike luxury timepieces, which prices out most casual customers at the entry level, it's easier for the average watch enjoyer to justify the cost of G-SHOCK's signature "toughness." However, there are plenty of folks seeking something a little more elevated but at a similar price range: enter the "CasiOak."

Introduced in 2019, the G-SHOCK GA-2100 got its "CasiOak" nickname after a watch aficionado Facebook group compared the timepiece's octagonal bezel with the classic shape of an Audemars Piguet Royal Oak.

The difference is that Royal Oaks retail for an average of $35,000 and the G-SHOCK GA-2100 debuted at about $100. G-SHOCK designers assert that they didn't set out to imitate the much fancier watch — inspiration came from some of the original '80s-era DW-5000 watches — and besides, the plastic GA-2100 is clearly a more budget-friendly option, one that can probably handle bumps and drops pretty well.

Soon it may be a little harder to tell G-SHOCK's watches apart from the big boys, though. The GA-2100 is getting upgraded to the GM-2100, timepieces offered with forged metal bezels in a few slick makeups. For this initial release, G-SHOCK is delivering some very fancy gold and silver iterations, plus a few more muted designs in graphite tones, all set atop a textured watch band.

Though the new facade is much fancier, the GM-2100 retains the GA-2100's trimmed-down profile and sophisticated watch face, which also invites a doubled pricetag. Still, it's a pretty good bargain compared to an AP.

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