Exhausted all the books and TV series? Then perhaps it's time to take your Game of Thrones knowledge to the next level by embarking on a course of professional study.

Harvard (yes, Harvard) has announced a new Folklore and Mythology course which will examine George R.R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire series, as well as HBO’s TV adaptation. The class will compare real historical figures with show archetypes including “the king, the good wife, the second son, and the adventurer."

Racha Kirakosian, one of the professors who will teach the course, explained to Time how it came to be: “When I read medieval verse epics with my students, they’d say, ‘Oh, that’s like in Game of Thrones'. [But] if anything at all, it’s the other way around. Isn’t it partly our job [as professors] to use that interest and go deeper?”

With the number of undergraduates who choose to major in humanities plummeting, Harvard will be hoping the course can give the discipline a much-needed shot in the arm. (That's providing potential students aren't deterred by the $40,000 study fee.)

In related news, HBO recently confirmed a series of Game of Thrones spin-offs.

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